pigeonPigeon or bird problems?. Many businesses and domestic premises suffer from pigeons, starlings and sparrows roosting and nesting in or on their property. Fouling and nesting debris by these birds can cause flea and insect infestations and staff can contract respiratory diseases. Permanent structural damage can be caused to stone, and brick work. Paint and plastics permanently stained and gutters and drains blocked. Pigeon fouling can also cause a dangerous slip hazard on fire escapes, pavements and passageways.These are just a few of the hazards caused by pest birds and all owners and employers should be aware that they may be liable for compensation claims by staff, if illness or injury are caused by an infestation and fouling by these birds on their premises.We can provide a complete proofing and cleansing service to clean and prevent these pest birds getting back in or on your property.

In the event either of these options are not possible we can also provide a control programme to keep numbers down to an acceptable level.

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